Walking between the worlds in the angelic realm was an amazing gift that allowed me to experience living in oneness with all beings at a very early age in my life. It has sculpted my entire view of the world, and heightened my awareness of the many living forms that exist, which I am very grateful for. I have returned to this life with an immense gratitude for every moment that I am breathing, as being alive has felt like a gift ever since my walk with the “other side.” The journey has given me a sense of empathy and compassion for all forms of life, and a reverence for the miracle of life itself that is with me throughout each day in every aspect of my life. I have a sense of belonging in the universe that brings with it a great comfort, and an ability to easily connect with the natural and the spirit realms through sound. I have had the honor and delight of joining many every day “magical” realms of existence that live with us here on earth. Realizing that there is truly no separation between "worlds" has helped me to develop lifetime friendships in all of the dimensions that walk with us closely each day. I have spent many an hour communing with the fairies and elves, the star beings, the spirits, my ancestors and friends who have passed on to the "other side," the animals, birds, creepers and crawlers, stones, trees, flowers, herbs, and endless numbers of beautiful living beings in nature who are waiting patiently to communicate with us humans through sound. Since I was a child, each one of them has always felt like the most natural, loving companion to befriend in our earthly realm, which indeed they all are. These wonderful beings patiently and joyfully await connection with all of us, and are very willing to offer a lifetime of friendship when the connection is true.

I first began my exploration in the world of self healing through vocal and instrumental sound at the age of three, while recovering from my earlier near death experience. Sound enveloped me in a world of altered states that soothed every inch of my body, mind, and heart, connected me with all living beings, and allowed me to forget all about the doctor's appointments that were a regular occurrence in my early years. One of my favorite games when I was little was singing improvisationally from my heart with the spirits and beings in nature, and creating sound tunnels with my little wooden wind instruments. I regularly wandered out into the woods surrounding our country home for hours with my small wooden recorder, my singing voice, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and my favorite blanket. My childhood fairy - elf home was under a wonderful apple tree in our back woods, which was a world within itself, and was one of the easiest places to commune with all of the marvelous personalities who surrounded me. I was blessed with a childhood filled with sound connection with the stone beings, trees, flowers, bugs, fuzzy friends, mushrooms, flowers, grasses, apples, and any other creature that happened to wander by within my musical reach. I was delighted to learn that every being had its own vibrational pitch, and that they loved sending their sound into my physical form as much as I enjoyed sending mine into theirs. I was blessed to discover an easy way to heal my earlier trauma from surgery, and was surrounded with unconditional love from every being in the natural world as we rejoined in complete union through the weaving of our sounds. It was then that I was first welcomed fully into my soul’s purpose, while re-uniting through the miracle of sound with all who lived on the earth. I was reminded of my truest nature, wildness, and freedom that flooded my entire being each time I connected with the wild ones in the natural and spirit realms, and I have always remembered that I am a member of their tribe since then. I have been gifted with many healing experiences throughout my life while sharing these bridges of sound, and much to my delight, communication and healing with vibrational sound has became a normal way of life since early childhood. The language of sound is still one of the easiest ways for me to connect with all living beings, including the two legged ones.

I will always treasure my companionship with the spirits and nature beings that have graced my life, as they are some of the most open hearted, loving forms of life that I have ever met on this earthly plane. They have become many of my closest, dearest companions, and I know that the relationships we began developing in my early years will be with me throughout this lifetime, and far beyond. Once you sound bridge with another being, their energy lives on forever within your cellular structure, your heart, and your spirit. Sound healing with the natural and spirit worlds has offered me a peaceful, gentle, safe cocoon, free from fear and physical pain, which was a welcome haven in my childhood, and is still a guiding light in my adult life. I believe that walking between the "worlds" has given me a unique vision and appreciation of the little, simple things in life. It has become so apparent that every moment of life is a precious gift, filled with amazing living forms who each feel like sacred miracles, which indeed they are. I remember studying the tiniest creatures in nature in true amazement, as they were all so perfectly decorated with geometric shapes and vibrant colors. Every one of them so beautiful in their perfect balance, and each living in a miniature yet complete world of their own. Playing music and singing with spirit and nature beings is a deeply soothing experience that fills me with great peace, a sense of authenticity, feelings of excitement, joy, ease in life, and emotional balance. It has given me a strong sense of oneness with all beings, and a feeling of complete belonging in the world that I treasure each day. As a culture and global tribe, we all continue to awaken to our natural form of communication through sound. It is a lifestyle that allows every one of us to enter a world of synchronicity, where we experience the deep connectedness and oneness of all beings. The natural and spirit realms have always been my greatest teachers in life, and are to this day my strongest sound and healing guides in the world of shamanic sound healing.