shamanic-sound-healing-books Watch for Nina Umai's new books to be available soon.

Pravada Sound Healing is a cutting edge healing art form unlike any other in that it offers a unique process of in-depth self healing that creates transformational results within an unusually short period of time. Nina Umai is professionally dedicated to supporting self empowerment in others and focuses on teaching self healing in all of her work. She presents the Pravada Sound Healing system in a very easy form that each person can practice at home, deepen with through the years, and grow into over a lifetime. She currently is writing her first two books about the Pravada System, one is a shamanic journeying book, describing her experiences of speaking with the earth and the spirit realms through sound while journeying, and the other a "how to" book that teaches the specific Pravada Shamanic Sound Healing System methods that are taught at the center, including becoming more present in the moment, self healing, relationship healing, and learning to listen to, honor, and communicate with the earth and spirits in a new way through sound.