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Listening Inside

Listening Inside creates a peaceful, sacred space that increases your receptivity to vibrational frequencies, and allows you to receive a full Pravada Shamanic Sound Healing© treatment from head to toe. Its ethereal flute sounds gently relax your entire body and mind, helping you to float easily into a deeply altered state. The spirit-filled melodies softly drift inward to calm and quiet the mind, allowing your body to release layers of stress and tension naturally. Each song becomes progressively longer, deeper in pitch, and slower in tempo throughout the recording, creating a gentle healing tunnel that takes you on a powerful shamanic sound healing journey. The strong vibrato in this recording was chosen because it offers unusually large sound waves, which enter each cell more thoroughly in order to break up energy blocks and release cellular memory for a more powerful healing experience. The increase in length and rhythmic freedom creates a sense of timelessness that heightens one’s awareness, opening new dimensions for sound healing and shamanic bridging with the spirit realm. Coming Home, the closing song, gently draws you into a peaceful meditative state with its enchanting melodic simplicity. For the strongest sound healing experience, it is best to listen to this recording on a soft, low volume, so that the body is able to take in as much of the sound as possible, and will actually reach out for more sound as you listen to each song. Listening Inside is a truly inspirational recording that powerfully realigns you with your own natural healing energy, and offers a lifetime connection with the spirit realm.

Trust Your Inner Wisdom

Trust Your Inner Wisdom

Trust Your Inner Wisdom offers you a true Pravada Shamanic Sound Healing© treatment that deepens your journeying-healing experience with each long, flowing, ethereal piece of music. Many of the songs on this recording have ethnic spirit influences from Asian, Irish, Middle Eastern, Russian, Siberian, and Ukrainian cultures, all of which are very dear to Nina Umai's heart. She calls this her "family album," because of its universal, multi-cultural flavor, which brings her back to the roots of her childhood. The chosen melodic repetitions in each song create deep trance-like states that easily free your mind, relax your body, and increase your receptivity to sound healing and shamanic journeying on a core level. Nina Umai is well known for sustaining single notes for very long periods of time, creating tunnels of sound that naturally invite you into peaceful, shamanic altered states for journeying and healing. These sound tunnels have a gentle, yet powerful centering effect that draws you inward to your clearest spirit self, and awakens your universal spirit connection of oneness with all beings.

In Pravada Shamanic Sound Healing, each chosen pitch reaches a different part of the body, mind, and spirit, weaving ongoing bridges of sound. Nina Umai plays freely within each flute’s full range of notes, in order to gently bathe your entire being from head to toe in soothing, healing sound while you receive your treatment. As each song unfolds, the wide variation in its pitch creates a feeling of expansion and transformation, accompanied by a growing sense of natural balance, vitality, and joy. A song chart for individually tailoring your own sound healing-journeying experience is included in the liner notes. This is a truly wonderful shamanic sound healing recording that offers a wide range of diverse musical - spirit companionship. Trust Your Inner Wisdom can be enjoyed while driving in your car, relaxing in everyday life, or receiving a deep healing-journeying treatment in the privacy of you own home. It is a favorite of many listeners because of its gentleness, ethnic variation, and deeply peaceful overtone.

Sounding, Journeys for Inner Truth, Vols. 1 & 2

Sounding 1 and 2

Sounding, Journeys for Inner Truth is a light-filled, transformational shamanic journey of ethereal healing sounds. It offers you a powerful bridge for deepening your spiritual connection, experiencing oneness with all beings, and a lifetime of diverse sound healing - journeying experiences. This recording may well become one of your dearest sound companions and self - healing tools, as you develop your healing-journeying relationship with each of it's melodies over time. It is a favorite of several healing arts practitioners at the Omega Institute Wellness Center in New York, and is also widely used by many shamanic practitioners.

Each volume features a series of twelve-to fifteen-minute-long pieces of music, especially designed to offer you an in-depth, memorable experience in Pravada Shamanic Sound Healing©, Sound Journeying©, and meditation. Both volumes feature a series of medium pitched songs, which offer a complete sound healing treatment to your entire body from head to toe, as well as a soothing healing experience for your mind, and a strong connection with your clearest spirit. Because of the length of each song, it is especially easy to enter altered shamanic states as you become delightfully enveloped in a long tunnel of sound. Volume 1 includes higher pitched songs with clear, pure tones that create an extra special healing experience for your upper body, while Volume 2 offers lower pitched songs with deep, rich tones that focus specifically on healing your lower body and offer a strong grounding experience during your treatment. The pitch also varies greatly within each song and becomes progressively lower throughout both volumes, so that your overall journey deepens with each piece of music. Therefore, your entire body is bathed with a full range of vibrational sound frequencies while gently sliding you into a soothing state of relaxation. All of the selections in both volumes of Sounding offer a combination of luxurious length, a peaceful slow pace, and timelessly sustained notes that create the sound healing-journeying tunnels that Nina Umai is well known for. These long tunnel-like notes have a natural centering effect that gently draws you into deeply meditative, shamanic sound journeying states, which allow for greater healing. Each luxuriously long note invites you to slow down, become more present in each moment, and gently explores your own inner truth as you relax within your deepest sense of self and awaken your spirit connections. The soft, ethereal tones of Nina Umai’s spirit flutes envelop you in a peaceful, dreamlike world of sound, which offers a healing sanctuary that grows over time. Each song has a wide variation in pitch that touches all areas of your body with sound, returning your natural state of balance, and assisting you in a clearer, stronger connection with your own truest spirit while awakening your universal sense of self. Both volumes of Sounding include a sound healing chart that describes the various effects of each song and its key in the liner notes for a more personalized healing experience.

Let the River Flow

Let the River Flow

Let the River Flow is a delightful collection of free-flowing spirit songs for movement, sound healing, meditation, and shamanic sound journeying. These playfully improvised pieces sing out joyfully, dancing lightly from note to note as they gently unfold you into a deepening shamanic journey of altered states.

Included in this magical recording is a widely requested, luxuriously long improvisational melody on Nina Umai's much loved double flute "Twin Horse," entitled From Out of the Fire. Many people have reported experiencing powerful shamanic visitations and spirit communication during this particular piece of music. We hope you enjoy listening to this recording as much as Nina Umai and her spirit companions enjoyed creating it.