Healing History

Over a lifetime my mother Betty has become one of my dearest friends, which was a lifelong dream of mine, and has given me great delight in my adult years. She often tells family stories about how I naturally came into the world with music. I began singing operatic melodies when I was one year old, and started improvising my own songs on the recorder at the age of three. I could play whatever I could sing on my clarinet by ear at the age of seven, at which time my grade school teacher declared me a musical prodigy, which was a challenging experience for me because the title came with many unhealthy adult expectations. My musical joy has always been the strongest when I improvise, which is my language of choice in the world of sound. I continued playing the alto and soprano recorder throughout my entire adult life, added in the saxophone and Native American flutes in my early thirties, and re-claimed my clarinet playing when I turned forty, which to this day is the closest sound vibrationally to my own voice.

It has always been very easy for me to communicate with wild animals, birds, and other creatures in the natural and spirit realms, as I dearly love their companionship. I spent many hours when I was very little singing blissfully to fuzzy wooly bear caterpillars, (who are one of my favorite living beings), and to any other creatures who came into my sound range in our back yard and woods. If they were cute, cuddly, wiggly, and friendly, I was delighted to weave sound with them for hours. My memory is mostly of how easy it was to re-enter a state of oneness with them, and energetically shape shift in order to become a caterpillar on an experiential level. It seemed a most wonderful way to spend time with my wriggly relatives, as well as being a really fun game to play. Living in oneness with the creatures in nature added many new dimensions to my early sense of empathy and compassion for other beings, which has been a gift in my life in many ways. I also developed very close friendships with the animals that lived with us on our land as part of our family, and befriended our rabbits, roosters, cats, dogs, and sheep, who communicated quite easily through their thoughts. I believe that we all have an inborn ability to easily communicate through sound with other living beings, which re-awakens fully over time with patience and practice. It's a wonderful way to get to know one’s closest friends - be they a sheep, a tree, or a person.

I discovered as an adult that my near death experiences had left me with certain empathetic healing abilities, and an internal vision that enables me to tune in deeply to the energies around me. I have learned more about the extent of this vision since my twenties, but it began showing up in various forms as a young child. I spent many days in the first few years of life rescuing injured wild animals from our pets. I remember holding the small creatures in my hands in the back yard, closing my eyes, and sending them sound, energy, and healing light through my fingers. I always felt a wonderful sense of unity with them that enabled me to join closely with who they were, and know how they were feeling. Somehow I was able to sense inside their bodies so that I could see how they had been injured and what they needed for healing. I knew that by connecting with the angelic and spirit realms, I could help them heal, and the strength of this awareness as a young person often amazes me to this day. I was delighted to release many of these little creatures from the grips of our pets back into the wilds of our woods, which filled me with joy. I have always had a special affinity with wild creatures, as many of them feel like close relations to me, sharing a sense of being long time familiars. We all have close family in the wild, just as we do in human form. Later in my adult life I had the honor of being a medical intuitive and on call Reiki practitioner for owls, eagles, and hawks at a raptor care center, which is one of the highlights in my life to this day. There is nothing more humbling than gazing eye to eye with a raptor for a long period of time... they were so trusting and grew into the most wonderful of friends. Many of them actually adopt you into their clan when they get to know you over time.

The angels changed my life when they taught me about healing with sound and energy, and are still some of the best teachers I have ever had in my lifetime. I believe that as small children we are all very strongly in touch with our inborn healing abilities, before we are taught not to trust our intuitive wisdom in this culture. Many other cultures around the world actively support their young ones in developing their intuitive inner abilities... teaching them to follow the spirits and the earth for wisdom, which is such a natural way to live. My dream is that one day soon this culture will again choose to do the same. We are all re-awakening together to our indigenous ways, which will lead us home to natural healing for all on an individual and global level.