Nina Umai Events Calendar Pravada Shamanic Sound Healing Workshop

WORKSHOP DETAILS: Awakening through sound is a sacred form of shamanic healing found in every indigenous culture in the world. Pravada Shamanic Sound Healing™ weaves the core of this ancient practice into a new transformational method of self-healing and empowerment that supports mindfulness, spiritual expansion, and social change in everyday life.

In this experiential workshop, Nina Umai Spiro, founder of the Pravada Shamanic Sound Healing™ system, teaches us to reconnect with the power of our own vocal sound for individual, community, and global healing. Pravada helps us become more fully present in each moment and trust our own wisdom, which inspires profound personal, spiritual, and social change.

While honoring all group members as teachers, we explore the unique ability of our own voice to lead us into deeply altered shamanic states, in which we can easily hear our truth, receive spirit guidance, speak with the earth, experience healing, and follow our soul’s calling. As we slow down and connect with our own authentic rhythm and sound, we rejoin the universal balance, return to our original state of oneness, and re-awaken to the beauty and guidance that exists within and around us. CLICK HERE TO GO TO OMEGA REGISTRATION

Please feel free to call me if you have any question...413-625-9994. If any of you need information about where to find your flute locally...one of the best flute makers in the country lives ten minutes from the Pravada Center, and I would be happy to talk with you about his flutes. There are also some wonderful flute makers in Oregon whom I have known for many years, and would be happy to recommend. ~ I look forward to seeing those of you who feel called to join our circle~

Workshop Topics
  • Coming Home...arriving more fully in the present moment through your own vocal sound - entering normal altered states and expanding your awareness
  • Learning To Listen to the guidance and wisdom that is within and around you - living every day in full spectrum vision and mindfulness
  • Sound Bridging with your clearest self - trusting and following your own inner guidance and truth
  • Awakening and Living Your Spirit-Soul's Calling...recognizing your unique gifts, who you truely are, and what you feel called to do in this lifetime...discovering your natural role in community and global healing
  • Creating Tribal Community - soul bridging - shape-shifting and experiencing oneness - seeing the gifts we bring from this and other lifetimes - living with ongoing support
  • Speaking With the Earth and Spirits Through Sound - melting the illusion of separation - living in oneness and honoring the sacredness of every living being... walking with global healing in everyday life

Our workshop will end with a Pravada Shamanic Sound Healing-Journeying Concert - with improvisational music on Native American Flutes played in response to the individual healing needs of each group member - offering a spirit-soul bridging and shamanic sound healing-journeying experience for integrating your individual experiences in the workshop, and envisioning stepping into your unique role in individual, community, and global healing.