Personal Introduction and Biographical Journey about-walking

I was gifted with my first healing in the world of sound and light when I was very young, during a near death experience in the midst of surgery. Quite a lot of the actual experience has remained in my awareness, as it lives in my body on both an energetic and cellular memory level. In my late thirties I relived the near death memory fully during a healing session, and was in tears for several hours, as it touched me deeply on all levels. The visual beauty and loving energy of the angelic realm was truly amazing, as were the angelic songs, and the physical sensations that I experienced.

I remember leaving my body and floating upward into a warm orange-golden light filled room, where I was welcomed by the most wonderful, familiar angelic beings. They were singing single tones into my ethereal body through their light bodies, which instantly entrained me to their vibrational sound, creating a very strong union between us on all levels. The room itself was like a long, glowing tunnel of light, and had a protective womb-like quality that actively drew me into its warm embrace. I felt safely held in the gentle energy of the angels in a way that felt very familiar to me, which was such a welcomed experience in the midst of the cold surgery room. They bathed me lovingly in their golden-orange light and the ethereal sounds of their soft voices, filling me from head to toe with the most unconditional love that I had ever experienced. I felt so at home in their presence that I didn’t want to return to my body, and the world as I had known it before.

The angels communicated with me in an energetic language of sound and light with unspoken words... transmitting warm waves of loving thoughts and visual images. They told me that it was very important for me to return to my life on the earth, because I had a special reason for being there, as all humans do. They said that my soul’s purpose was to remind people that there is a heaven on earth, much like the one in the angelic realm, and that we can experience it clearly in everyday life through the sound of our voices once we are living in union with other beings again. The angels promised me that I would be met in this heaven on earth with the same warmth, love, light, and safety that I had found with them in our tunnel room. They said that I could enter this heavenly realm by singing with the spirits and beings in the natural world, much in the same way the angels had sung to me when they sent a single sound into my body. Once they promised me that life on earth would mirror the wonderful warm light filled energy of their world, (which was very hard to leave), I was willing to return to my body, and resume my life on the earth. Somehow I knew that the angels would always be with me from that day on, as our union was the most complete experience of oneness that I had ever had at that point in my life, other than before birth. It has been so reassuring for me to know that no matter where I am, they are always with me, as there were many years after my initial surgery that I needed to be medically monitored because there was still some concern for my life. The angels have indeed lived inside me energetically through light and vibrational sound ever since that first day, when they sang into my heart and changed my entire life with their loving warm presence.

Many years ago I was told by dear friends that I had left my body two other times in my life during near death occurrences while in surgery... once at the age of seventeen, and once when I was forty-four. My experience and memory of both times was that I had a wonderful dreamlike re-union with the angels, and awoke feeling very rested and happy to be alive. I am very honored that they entered my life early on, and infused me so gently with their light filled voices. Their ethereal sounds and unconditional love will be with me forever.

As the angels foretold, the natural world is in truth the closet thing to the angelic realm that I have ever experienced on earth in terms of unconditional love and safety, and indeed makes living here a most wonderful, magical journey. It has been much easier than I thought it would be to re-connect with angelic presence through the sound of my voice, which I often do when I am in need of their gentle wisdom, guidance, healing, and support in my journey through life. Once they sing into your body they live within you forever, and you can re-awaken their energy through sound, or just by asking them to come into your heart. Some things in life are precious beyond words, and are quite timeless.