Early Training

Our country home was in Rockland County, a little over an hour north from New York city. My mom taught children's art classes at the Rockland Foundation Art Camp during the summer, which was closer to our home in New City. I began attending art camp there at the age of three, which was one of my fondest memories from childhood. I couldn’t imagine a more wonderful babysitter while my mom was working, as the camp was completely centered around music and the arts. It was there that I formally entered the world of improvisational sound, music, and dance. I studied recorder, modern dance, choreography, guitar, voice, puppetry, pottery, painting, and other forms of art for many years in this wonderful summer haven for the arts, and have been forever grateful for my creative musical beginnings at camp. Expressive, improvisational art, movement, sound, and music have all been at the center of my world throughout my lifetime. They gave me a wonderful creative foundation for my college years, and eventually helped me launch my private practice and begin writing my books in shamanic sound healing therapy.

Later in my adult life I discovered a new form of sound healing movement while recovering from a severe back injury that I received when I was injured in a car accident. I was pretty much on my own in terms of recovery, as the medical field was unable to find a cure to heal what they termed “permanent damage” to my spine. Throughout my adult life I regularly spent time each week in my dance studio, and after my accident I began working with healing my back injury through improvisational movement and sound. When I began blending the two healing forms with meditation, I discovered the power of dropping deeply into my body for healing and returning to a state of oneness with all of life. I was then able to easily access and blend core authentic sound and movement for healing my injury, strengthening my spirit connection, and arriving strongly in the present moment, where deep healing and integration can occur.

My body began to recover from it’s injury, and I was delighted to discover that this form of new sound healing movement improved the quality of my life, health, and spiritual connection on all levels, while naturally awakening an amazing amount of joy and intuition in my body. I have been using this form of sound healing movement ever since, as a wonderful way to arrive more fully in my body, heal any illness or injury I may have, fully experience the present moment in all it’s glory, bridge with the spirits, access past lives, connect deeply with other people’s hearts and spirits in groups, and call in my ancestral voices when I miss them and desire their companionship. It is one of the main foundations for the entire Pravada Shamanic Sound Healing System that I have developed over the years.