"Nina Umai's work has truly been a gift to me and unlike anything I've ever tried before.  Her patience, kindness, compassion and non-judgment is refreshing and very real.  Her unshakable belief in her clients, that they have the answer inside them, has been key for me.  This is the work of a true master--to unlock the master within." Pravada Shamanic Sound Healing Apprentice, Cheryl A. Holmes, Greenfield, MA, Raw Food Chef and Instructor


"The journey with Nina Umai has been profound and life-changing for me. Working with sound in a shamanic way helped me to access levels of insight, guidance, wisdom, and healing quickly, and with delight and ease.

I felt an increasing trust in my own inner guidance, the wisdom of my body’s messages, and the joy and groundedness that are possible when I listen to and follow that inner guidance.

I experienced relief from chronic pain – on physical, emotional and energetic levels. I also began to cultivate a deeper, more engaged way of connecting with spirit in my daily life.

This healing path has been beautiful to walk, and Nina is a most gifted guide. I recommend her to anyone who seeks to truly heal and transform multidimensionally." - Emily Cohen, Pravada Shamanic Sound Healing Client, Acupuncturist, Northampton, MA


"Six months work with Nina has yielded greater results than 10 years prior pursuits combined! Nina is HUGE in my life and Nina herself is larger than life. Although demure in stature she seems to embody infinity itself. I suspect that is the very reason she has been the most clear, respectful and consequently the most helpful person I have ever known. I say with all sincerity and grateful appreciation, that working with Nina feels like a privilege and a gift. With her guidance I am realizing my long held dream to be happy by merely learning to live authentically. As I would think of any true Shaman, Nina is a real Teacher of the very highest caliber. I look forward to working with her for a very long time to come." Pravada Shamanic Sound Healing Apprentice - Catherine V. Carija, MA, massage therapist / pain relief specialist


To the seeker wishing to know more
"Writing this testimonial for Nina appeared difficult at first only in the sense that to attach words to an intangible "knowing"ˇ does not seem adequate; however, what I learned was that I was being forced through this action to identify an old friend. Before beginning an apprenticeship with Nina, I felt this "knowingness"ˇ in my bones about her and that we were kindred spirits on another level. In pleading with Spirit to clear my thoughts and allow me to write, I saw the image of a totem for a most dear friend and it was then that I realized we DID indeed know one another on a very special level! A few years back I was reading Jamie Sams', The 13 Original Clan Mothers.. and there was one clan mother who seemed to be constantly in my thoughts working with me. The image I saw then and now (working through Nina), Looks Far Woman. In reviewing the passage about Looks Far Woman, she is described as the "Doorkeeper of the Crack in the Universe" now if that doesn't explain Nina's role with me as I tip-toe through my first year of awareness I don't know what does? Nina is my friend, aka Looks Far Woman.

Let it be known that experiences and awarenesses such as these have been enhanced by Nina's guidance and instruction,as well as her enduring patience for when I think there can't possibly be anything more and ask "Is this it?"ˇ and then she opens the crack just a wee bit more! Many blessings be yours!" Bobbi Lyons, East Peoria, IL, Pravada Shamanic Sound Healing Apprentice


"Nina Umai Spiro's work is powerful, yet simple enough for anyone to access. The beauty of her sound healing techniques are that once you learn and understand them, you have tools that are with you for life. She is one of the top healers I have worked with among the many I have experienced in my role at Omega Institute." Brett Bevell, author of Reiki for Spiritual Healing and The Reiki Magic Guide To Self Attunement, and Staff Program Coordinator at The Omega Institute in New York