Pravada Shamanic Sound Healing

Pravada is a unique, cutting edge healing art form, that teaches self-healing with ease in order to create powerful transformational results within a very short period of time. It is offered at the Pravada Shamanic Sound Healing Center in Montague, Ma., in self-healing sessions for individual clients, couples, and families, as well as in apprenticeship training programs, and workshops for the general public. Individual and couples sessions offer a private setting for those who are seeking in depth personal transformation and healing, and are ready for major life changes. Group training sessions offer a safe, nurturing atmosphere, a strong support network, and a multi-dimensional teaching experience, as we are all teachers in tribal group settings. I am very dedicated in all aspects of my work to teaching personal empowerment through self-healing, both as a form of individual and global healing. Pravada offers a very simple self-healing form that people can practice at home, which creates powerful results quickly.

The Pravada work is specifically designed to promote self healing, self empowerment, and global healing on all levels with all forms of life, so that we may all remember together how to live in oneness again. Self healing must occur on an individual level in order to create a peaceful world within, and throughout our communities. Remembering how to communicate easily with the earth and the spirit realms is crutial in order to live in peaceful ways with all beings who share our radiant, living planet. Pravada Shamanic Sound Healing is a new, original form of healing that is based on ancient principals of vibrational sound and energetics. Pravada offers an easy and light path to self healing and universal re-connection that can be practiced at home on a regular basis, and brought by each person to their own tribal community. As we remember how to slow down together in our societies, listen to our own wisdom and to one another with respect, and re-connect with the natural and spirit realms, we will bring a new wave of peace and healing to all who live on our sacred planet.