Prophetic Dream - One of the Main Foundations

One of the most powerful experiences I have had with sound healing as a young adult was during a prophetic, spiritual dream that came to me in my late twenties, which changed my life. I was born into an agnostic, Jewish family in the early fifties, and was raised throughout my childhood without any form of religion. We were quite politically active, dedicating our lives to creating a world of freedom and equality, in which every human being was treated equally, (which has been a lineage gift to me throughout my lifetime). I was encouraged to question everything in life in a very healthy, open minded way. In many ways I was taught to only honor my truth in all areas of my life, including spiritually. Although I missed out on the many beautiful spiritual aspects of Judaism, the way I was raised was a freeing experience that has helped me to uncover my own spiritual beliefs throughout my lifetime. It made it very easy and natural for me to honor the shamanic realms of spirits and nature in their full glory.

As an adult I had never thought one way or another about Jesus, aside from believing that he was most likely a very wonderful Rabbi, who practiced Reiki or some other ancient form of energy healing. I also had no special relationship with pyramids, or their shape. In my dream, which I usually refer to as my "Jesus Dream," Jesus and I are standing across from one another, with a huge translucent pyramid of glowing golden light between us, that reaches far up into the heavens.

The brilliant light is so transparent that we can easily see and feel one another through the pyramid in full form, including the details of our faces and our energetic presence. He and I are gazing into each other’s eyes, exchanging energy and brilliant white light, as we both begin at the same moment to send a single tone with our voices, through our eyes, into the body of the other. Our tones are filled with the same brilliant light, and blend together in perfect harmony to create one magnificent sound, bathing us both in sound and light from head to toe. As we continue to send our tones into one another steadily, we begin to slowly rise up on each side of the golden light pyramid together, bathing one another in light-sound as we rise, while still gazing into each other’s eyes. Looking deeply into the eyes of Jesus for a long period of time united me fully with his presence, spirit, and soul as if we were one being. His eyes were more clear, honest, available, and steady, than any I had ever seen at that time in my life, and he held the most powerful gaze I have witnessed in another.

As we both welcomed each other fully into our inner worlds through our eyes and sound, I felt his presence residing strongly and gently within me, which I can still feel to this day. It was sort of like being mutually transformed into one another’s bodies and energies, at which point our entire worlds blended together as one, and we exchanged energy and full cellular memories with each other. We continued rising upward with sound and light, and I noticed that the pyramid was filtering it’s light into our bodies on a stronger level. It was sending it’s golden glow to live deeply within each of us, while illuminating us from the inside out as if we were part of the pyramid structure itself. I was aware that the sound we were emitting was also releasing the glowing light at this point, and I knew that it lived in every cell of our bodies as a powerful healing tool.

We continued rising upward through our sound-light bridge, and our energetic union became stronger and stronger the higher we climbed. As we approached the top area of the pyramid, our voices began to blend differently, resembling each other’s more completely. I remember feeling closer to Jesus in that moment than I have ever felt with another being except for the angels, and I knew he would live within me forever, long after our shared experience with light and sound. When we reached the top of the pyramid, our voices continued to come closer to one another in pitch, and then in an instant they joined together completely, creating one new and very beautiful ethereal voice with overtones that now came from both of us as a single being. At that moment Jesus and I blended together physically as well to create one body. As he entered my body and I his, we became one being that physically resembled both of us, and resided in my physical form.

He told me that he will be living within me forever from now on for the rest of my life, and far beyond into other lifetimes. He said that once a union was formed with a sacred bridge of sound and light, it lives forever within both beings. I remember standing at the very top of the pyramid at that point... feeling stronger and clearer than I have ever felt before, with a new, yet ancient wisdom that resonated throughout my entire body. Our new sound of union was still clearly reverberating throughout my body from within, and was now echoing loudly out into the heavens through my voice.

Over the next forty-eight hours I was higher emotionally and spiritually than I can ever remember being since my first visit with the angels. I was so filled with light and joy that I felt like I could almost exist on air, as I was unable to sleep or eat much during that period of time. I stayed awake through several days, joyfully writing down the many endless teachings of Jesus as he spoke to me clearly from within, illuminating each moment with the teachings from the path of sound healing, bridging, and light that he had gifted me with in my dream. We were truly one on all levels, which was a wonderful, exhilarating, yet peaceful experience. I knew inside how he felt about life, how he thought, what his opinions were, and what he wanted me to in the world, just as if he were in the room with me himself, talking to me heart to heart.

I was a bit surprised, having been agnostic during my entire life, but I had always been strongly spiritual since my initial experience in the angelic realm, so I was very willing to integrate the fact that there was truly more to heaven and earth than one could see in physical form. I was also tremendously honored to have such a beautiful being living within me, and began to understand why so many people love and follow Jesus as a spiritual teacher, for I am sure that they have had similar experiences with his wonderful healing energy. This dream has changed my life profoundly... it has transformed my energy and my belief system in more ways than I can even begin share with words. It was like coming home in all ways to my most familiar and truest self that I have always known, but hadn’t identified ever with the teachings of Jesus, which felt so familiar to me. In ways it reminded me of my experience in the angelic realm, where I had also felt completely at home, and filled with unconditional love.

Perhaps we all feel at home in similar ways with the many light and spirit beings in the universe, as they are our close relations in the holographic fabric of our oneness as a single universal being. The Jesus dream has continued to touch me so profoundly, that I felt it was my responsibility and part of my soul’s purpose in this lifetime to follow the life path of sound and light that he asked me to walk in the dream, and honor the gifts that he shared with me in the world of sound - light healing. He has led me through many more avenues of healing that live within his teachings since our dreamtime. I recorded some of them for days right after my dream, and continue to welcome them into my life on a regular basis.

Jesus has become an important part of my world, and is now one of my favorite companions, as I feel a special resonance in my heart, spirit, and life with who he is. I have continued to weave sound and light into every area of my life and self healing, which has transformed my already existing private practice in shamanism, sound healing, psychotherapy, Reiki, and meditation into a very different journey. Our sound - light bridging has become one of the main cornerstones in the Pravada Shamanic Sound Healing System that I now teach. I will always be humbly grateful to Jesus for his constant companionship, unconditional love, and open hearted, gentle guidance. It is truly an honor to walk with him, as I am sure many of you already know.