About the Music

Many of the world’s spiritual traditions speak of the universe beginning with sound. Sound is a common language and one of the most powerful, energetic forces in existence that moves physical matter. Sound healing offers the tonal frequencies needed for energetic, physical, and emotional re-balancing. Each tone assists you in releasing tension, pain and cellular memories, thereby restoring your natural state of health. Sound journeying is a powerful, ancient method of receiving spirit guidance and healing on a deeply personal level. Opening to spirit wisdom through sound is a natural way to live in balance and harmony with the earth. Nina Umai’s flute music creates a peaceful, sacred space that quiets your mind and invites you on a deep inner journey. She has specifically designed her recordings with a stylistic simplicity that features one, clear, single instrumental sound for a centering, internally focused listening experience. Nina Umai encourages you to honor the wisdom of your own unique journey during each sound healing session. The “magic” of synchronicity unfolds with our healing as we follow the truth that lives within each one of us.