Pravada Shamanic Apprenticeship Program

First Year Apprenticeship Program: The first year apprenticeship is a beginning program for apprentices who are interested in immersing themselves in a deep journey of life transformation and extensive self healing. It is designed specifically for those who would like to walk this path in a close one-on-one supportive shamanic sound healing partnership with a Pravada Shamanic Sound Healing practitioner while on their journey. People enter the apprenticeship program for many different reasons... some are in the midst of life transitions and are ready to create monumental changes, ... some are being called to live their dreams and soul's purpose more fully, ... and some just want to learn to become more present in each moment in order to experience the heaven on earth that we are here to receive, and live their lives in the every day miraculous synchronicity of oneness. Many people seek the first year apprenticeship in order to heal deep emotional pain and physical illness, in that this path of partnership between apprentice and practitioner that is walked very closely for individually tailored support through each person's healing journey. Apprentices have the option of sculpting their own program, and are able to either meet weekly for six months, bi-weekly for a full year, or monthly for two years to complete the first year of the program. Some apprentices are studying long distance, and walk their healing path through phone sessions, which I have been delightfully surprised, work very well for many people, and offer powerful healing in the comfort of their own homes. Some people choose to repeat the first year self healing program if they feel the need for continued support on a regular basis beyond twenty-six sessions. It is always a tremendous honor to walk through this healing process with each apprentice, and I take these partnership very seriously.

Second Year Apprenticeship: the second year of the Pravada apprenticeship program is for people who have gone through the first year program, and have been touched so deeply by their own healing experiences that they wish to learn to weave the Pravada Shamanic Sound Healing forms into their already existing private practices with individual clients in the healing arts. This second year program is an intensive training that weaves together a continuation of self healing with supervision, so that each participant can continue their own healing journey and work closely in training with the Pravada System on a one on one basis with their clients while receiving supervisory support. The apprentices learn each of the sixteen Pravada healing forms, and typically choose several of them to focus on using in sessions with their individual clients. The second year typically involves weekly apprenticeship-supervision sessions for a total of 52 weeks, although some people do choose to meet bi-weekly and complete this stage of the program in two years. The second year is for practitioners who are interested in becoming certified as Pravada Shamanic Sound Healing practitioners with individual clients. Additional supportive touchstone supervision meetings are offered on an individual request basis.

Third and Fourth Years of Apprenticeship: the third and fourth years of training are woven together into a two year long weekly training program for those who have learned the basics of the entire Pravada System, including all sixteen healing forms, through the fist two years of apprenticeship, and have spent the second year using many of these forms on a regular basis with individual clients in their private practice. These apprentices have been individually chosen for the third and fourth year training because they have woven the Pravada work into their lives so deeply that they wish to dedicate their professional lives to learning to teach these healing forms in workshops and classes. The third and fourth years are only for apprentices who are interested in teaching the Pravada work on a very serious level, and the participants are chosen carefully by their supervisor to continue in the apprenticeship program. The third and forth years of his program are individually tailored and vary tremendously according to the needs of each person. Each apprentice has the opportunity to learn all sixteen of the Pravada forms in depth, so that they will be able to teach any one of them in a workshop format. The apprentice will begin teaching workshops while receiving very close continued supervision and training, touchstone teaching sessions, and ongoing support here at the Pravada Center. The apprentices who are certified through all four years will be required to use the Pravada label in all of their workshops and in private sessions in which they are working closely and directly with this original, unique form of shamanic sound healing.

Pravada Shamanic Sound Healing Apprenticeship Training Program Topics

The apprenticeship training programs includes nineteen Pravada Shamanic Sound Healing topics

  1. Sound-Bridging - Self Healing With Vocal Sound - becoming more present in each moment and connecting with one's clearest true self
  2. Sound Bridging In Pairs - healing relationships and opening full spectrum communication
  3. Sound Bridging With The Natural and Spirit Realms - speaking with the earth, nature beings, and spirits through sound
  4. Therapeutic Self Healing - Clearing - Shamanic Sound Extractions
  5. Calling Ourselves Home with vocal sound - Shamanic Soul Retrievals
  6. Sound Healing Movement - which includes teachings that focus purely on strengthening one's connection with spirit and our natural state of joy, as well as special teachings for people who are healing physical injuries, disabilities or illness
  7. Ancestral Voices - Shamanic Sound Healing Movement specifically designed to re-connect us with our ancestral lineage for healing and companionship
  8. Sound Healing Meditation - which is a four tiered system which involves; arriving fully in the present moment, deepening our altered states, working with the integration of internal emotional aspects for a peaceful inner world, and receiving, trusting and following guidance, and a sound meditation form that calls home our clearest true selves
  9. Sound Journeying with voice, native flutes, and other instruments
  10. Fire Journeying
  11. Water Journeying
  12. Soul Bridging - Shape Shifting Through Vocal Sound Bridging In Pairs - seeing your own and your partner's past lives, current ages that need healing, and animal - nature aspects of self
  13. Soul's Purpose - stepping in fully to why we are each here in this precious lifetime with the earth
  14. Awakening The Light Within - connecting with the angelic realm and awakening our light beings within
  15. Heaven On Earth - arriving fully in each moment - experiencing a lifetime of synchronicity and every day miracles in this heaven on earth that we are gifted with
  16. Sound Bridging With The Angelic Realm and The Star Beings - angelic sound healing and earth healing grids through sound
  17. Sound Bridging and Healing With The Angelic Realm
  18. Opening Your Heart Gently and Naturally With Sound
  19. Communicating Easily With The "Other Side" In Everyday Life