Sound has been one of the most prevalent, sacred forms of healing and communication in indigenous cultures around the world since the beginning of time. Each one of us has inherited our own indigenous lineage from our ancestors that lives deeply within us on a physical cellular level, as well as through our memories and spirit connections. Many of us are re-awakening to this clear memory of a time long ago, when we once lived harmoniously with the earth in extended family tribal communities... where gentleness and peacefulness were our natural ways of being. In these treasured days of sustainable existence, sound was one of our main forms of healing and communication, as it so easily bridged all language, cultural, specie, and age barriers. Living in deep connection and resonance with the sounds of the earth and the spirits supported the gentleness that was our truest essence, allowing us to maintain our highest and most sacred nature in harmony with all beings.

Pravada Shamanic Sound Healing is an easy, joyful avenue for transformational self-healing and empowerment, which has been specifically designed to re-awaken your inborn wisdom through your core vibrational system. It is a new, original form of healing that is based on ancient principals of vibrational sound and energetics. Pravada offers simple healing methods that help you re-claim your authenticity, and allow you to become increasingly more present in each moment, returning you effortlessly to a healthy physical - emotional - spiritual balance. Your own vocal sound is one of the most powerful healing tools for releasing fear, tension, pain, old emotional patterning, illness, injuries.

As you arrive more fully in your body, you naturally become present in each moment, which allows you to easily access your clearest self on a moment to moment, ongoing basis. You are then able to return to your most natural state of balance, joy, health, and inner peace. The sound of your voice is also an amazing bridge to all aspects of the spirit realm, offering a lifelong connection with your own clearest spirit and truth, as well as with the guiding spirits that walk with you every day. As we shift effortlessly into a heightened level of awareness through sound, everything begins to literally look and feel different. We experience ourselves and others with a new openness and a broader, clearer vision of reality.

In this natural, relaxed state, we are easily able to connect with our wisest spirits within, communicate more effectively and fully with one another, and rejoin all other beings in nature and the spirit realms more easily for ongoing guidance, healing, and a sense of oneness. This state of expansiveness is who you truely are, and allows you to create new levels of ongoing connection with all beings who live in the human, natural and spirit realms for friendship, support, and guidance. We are, after all, a part of all worlds, as there is truely no separation, which means that when we re-unite, endless guidance through life is at our fingertips every minute of the day. As we remember how to slow down together in our societies, listen to our own wisdom and to one another with respect, and re-connect with the natural and spirit realms, we will bring a new wave of peace and healing to all who live on our sacred planet. Pravada offers an easy, light path to self healing and universal re-connection that can be practiced at home on a regular basis, and brought by each person to their own tribal community.

Pravada is a unique, cutting edge healing art form, that teaches self-healing with ease in order to create powerful transformational results within a very short period of time. It is offered at the Pravada Shamanic Sound Healing Center in Montague, Ma., in self-healing sessions for individual clients, couples, and families, as well as in apprenticeship training programs, and workshops for the general public. Individual and couples sessions offer a private setting for those who are seeking in depth personal transformation and healing, and are ready for major life changes. Group training sessions offer a safe, nurturing atmosphere, a strong support network, and a multi-dimensional teaching experience, as we are all teachers in tribal group settings. I am very dedicated in all aspects of my work to teaching personal empowerment through self-healing, both as a form of individual and global healing. Pravada offers a very simple self-healing form that people can practice at home, which creates powerful results quickly.

"I have developed the Pravada Shamanic Sound Healing System naturally over my entire lifetime, beginning with my early childhood experience with near death, self-healing, sound, the spirit realm, and nature. Pravada combines my early life training with the earth and spirit teachings, and 33 years of experience in private practice in the healing arts. In my practice, I have woven together many original healing forms, including; self-healing - self-trust - empowerment psychotherapy sessions for individuals, couples, and families, basic shamanism, Siberian Shamanism, Reiki, sound healing movement, ancestral lineage healing, self-healing sound therapy, vocal and instrumental shamanic sound healing and journeying, complimentary medical sound healing therapy, sound bridging, meditation - silent and with sound, sound bridging - connecting with the angelic, star being, and spirit realms, journeying with all of the earth elements - fire - water - air - and earth, soul bridging, shape shifting through sound, medical intuitive reading, past life reading, calling in baby spirits and in utero communication, and improvisational sound healing music concerts on native flutes, including the recording of 5 shamanic sound healing cd's." - Nina Umai Spiro

"I have a tremendous passion for supporting others in listening to and following their deepest truth, both for individual healing and global peace. I offer Pravada Shamanic Sound Healing training programs, workshops, and shamanic sound healing-journeying concerts across the country in complimentary hospital medical programs, interfaith spiritual centers, shamanic training programs, healing centers, herbal schools, sound healing conferences, and herbal conferences. I have also been teaching the staff at the Omega Institute in New York every year for over nine years now. The Pravada Shamanic Sound Healing Center is located in Montague, MA, where I have my private practice, offering sessions and treatments for individuals, couples, and families, as well as workshops, classes, training programs for apprentices, sound healing - shamanic journeying concerts, as well as my five shamanic sound healing - journeying c.d.'s on Native American flutes. Because of my early beginnings in the natural world of healing, shamanism, and sound, and my personal dedication to creating a peaceful world, I believe that I bring my own unique form of gentleness and awareness to my work, which is reflected in my open hearted, compassionate style of teaching and my music." - Nina Umai Spiro